There are occasions when I wonder as to how some people behave when driving. There are those that curse, swear and demonstrate sudden bursts of road rage; yet those that do so, might appear socially soft-mannered, patient and gentle socially, somewhat like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde — two personalities alternating under different circumstances.

A friend once offered me a ride in his car, and before even getting settled comfortably, he suddenly began uttering words that I would not expect to hear from some one civilly well-known. His sudden, altered personality took me back, not too long ago, when I was invited to attend a session where a certain professor of psychology affirmed that there are those that are capable of exploding with sudden bursts of curses and abuses while driving, each time they find themselves stuck in heavy traffic and the flow of traffic slows down to a trickle; and they feel stymied by delays that serve to hamper their progress.

Since then, I began to feel that perhaps we should think again about those we are inclined to judge superficially.


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