An Insect’s Navigation Skill

Some insects are known to be helpful to humans, one of which is the dung beetle that can serve more than one purpose: It eats excrement, as well as lays its eggs therein. A male usually offers a large piece of the excrement to a female it wants to mate. It has been observed that dung beetles can surround an elephant dung and successfully move it in a short space of time.

The dung beetles have also been seen rolling the dung heap into a ball prior to burying it in a soft spot. Further studies have shown that they navigate their movements by being guided by the light of the sun or moon when they want to form a straight line. They use the band of light produced by the Milky Way galaxy as a means of guidance.

Studies have shown, as well as confirmed in a journal, known as Current Biology, that this is the first time such a navigation system is found to be effective, even in the dimmest starlight, with the possibility that humans might also be successful in finding solutions to complex problems. It can also serve as an added feature that can be programmed for a drone, in order to locate a certain target.

In the final analysis, dung beetles have the potential to help themselves, as well as humans to find solutions to certain problems by mimicking their navigation system.


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