Literary Creativity: Latent But Inborn

Do you feel the need to write, but lack the courage to do so? The reason could be: l) Inability to express yourself, 2) Fear of criticism, 3) Inexperience, 4) Using the wrong vocabularies, and last, but not least, 5) Grammatical errors. There might be other reasons that might prevent you from “breaking the ice;” however, the five reasons specified above, are considered to be usual and common. Regardless, of how you might think or feel, the fact that you want to write, but feel reluctant to do so, could be attributed to a power that might be latent and should never remain locked indefinitely.

There are websites, such as Triond that serve as “playgrounds” for amateurs, where you are afforded the opportunity to express yourself, no matter how inadequate you might feel, and where your talent could be manifested; where possible criticisms could be directed toward an objective to endeavor and improve. You could assure yourself that such a website is designed for the purpose of letting your creativity out of the dark recesses of your mind and finally, into the extensive environment of self satisfaction and professionalism.

Where else could you achieve the finality of fulfillment that would otherwise remain latent? Failure to exploit the advantage of using such a website could stultify your inborn creativity and leave you wondering in limbo as to when your creation could see “the light of day,” out of the darkness of your fear and lack of confidence. Remember, even if you happen to be a born genius, you must still begin somewhere, and there could be no better site than one that is easily accessible, to begin the “saga” of an experience so laudable.

Even celebrated writers swear that their initial endeavors to begin their “literary journeys” were rough, with hurdles that had to be surmounted. There are instances when, many a time, publishable manuscripts are rejected by the rank and file of numerous publishers, as well as many occasions, when some publishers have decided to publish the works of first-time writers whose books turned out to be best sellers.

The desire that you want to be published is the first step toward the attainment of your objective. It is important to know that everything you want begins with a craving and the craving is prompted by a certain creativity that you should not stifle within the dark recesses of your mind.


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