Incontinence: A Social Disease

In the words of Dr. Robert Schlesinger, incontinence is a social disease to which people must necessarily adjust their lives, yet there are those that find it difficult to do so. Experts in this regard have conveyed a clear message that those victimized to this problem should not be stigmatized by it, since a cure might be possible. It should not be considered as an aspect of aging and is not irreversible. In fact, studies have shown that incontinence can be reduced with a minimal effort; even entirely prevented.

The following tips can be particularly helpful:

Maintain a bladder diary: For a whole week, write down what you eat, drink, the time you go to the bathroom and how often do you leak.

Your intake of fluids: Your diary might indicate that you have been downing gallons of water every day and should, therefore, curtail the quantity you might be drinking.

Abstain from alcohol: Alcohol over-indulgence can cause you to trot more frequently to the bathroom.

Abstain from caffeine: As a well-known diuretic, caffeine can provoke and induce incontinence.

Abstain from grapefruit juice: Grapefruit juice is also a well-known diuretic and should be avoided.

Cranberry juice: Studies have revealed that cranberry juice is beneficial to the bladder and can be potent enough to reduce and even prevent incontinence.

High fiber diet: Adhere to a diet of high fiber in order to prevent constipation. Daily helpings of popcorn can be beneficial to your bladder.

Abstain from smoking: Nicotine acts as an irritant to your bladder.

Lose excess weight: Losing a few pounds can appreciably reduce symptoms of incontinence.

Exercise: There are certain exercises, known as the Kegel exercises, developed in the late 1940s by Dr. Arnold Kegel, as follows: When you are urinating, try to stop the flow for a while and then restart it.

The above helpful tips have been proven to work beneficially.


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