Hyperventilation – A Medical Alert

There are those that suddenly and unexpectedly breathe fast and out of control. The heart begins to pound, fingers tingle and palms sweat. It is a problem that is triggered by anxiety and those that experience it feel as if they are going to die. It is a problem that calls for the immediate attention of a doctor whose diagnosis should determine if those experiencing such a setback are actually in danger of dying.

The incidence of hyperventilation is considered to be uncommon, but could be connected to a lung disease, a blood infection, pneumonia or even poisoning. It could also be a symptom of a heart attack.

In most cases, however, the problem may not be serious but it does need an accurate diagnosis to prove that it is triggered by the sudden onset of anxiety.

Episodes of hyperventilation could continue for hours. It is not uncommon for some people to breathe rapidly when they are frightened or in the event they start to panic. Doctors generally advise those with such a problem to sit down, be composed and relax.

Exercise could help decrease the anxiety, avoiding crowds, abstaining from caffeine and last, but not least abstaining from smoking, for the reason that nicotine could trigger a panic attack that could bring about a recurrence of hyperventilation.


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