An Old-Fashioned Herbal Remedy

A particular herbal remedy for hemorrhoids traces its efficacy to the beginning of the twentieth century: It is known as Collinsonia canadensis or Stoneroot, proven to control hemorrhoids, and can still be available in some health food stores. This particular herb has been potent enough to strengthen the structure and function of the veins. Its efficacy hinges on the fact that it used to be singled out in an unique category for the treatment of hemorrhoids, which is why certain health food stores include the product in their inventory.

Dosage Recommendation:

Take two capsules (375 milligrams each) twice a day with a full glass of water after each meal, particularly when you think the problem to be acute. There are those that are particularly susceptible to hemorrhoids and need to take two tablets daily indefinitely in order to control the recurrence of symptoms.

However, there might be a likelihood that most health food stores might not carry the product, in which case, you might decide to continue to shop around. Before using Stoneroot, it is advisable that you consult with your doctor.


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