A Key To Survival

The human mind and body, physically and mentally, are designed to adjust to passing, variable circumstances of life, as we keep aging.  In order to adjust, we must try to summon our inborn, genetic potentiality to combat so-called problems that do not pose any danger to our health and well-being, particularly in the way of mitigating the harshness of the fleeting years, when we are not really confronted by serious conditions of health that seem to defy such an adjustment.

There are occasions when we might feel subdued by the “downs” of life when the “ups” seem to have disappeared into the gathering clouds of aging.

The process of not surrendering to the pressures of certain circumstances, calling for adjustment, can be slow; however, the key to unlocking the pent-up feelings of capitulating to feelings that do not warrant desperation is the realization that we, as human beings are subject to the cycle of ups and downs, occurring with frequency, from time to time.

In some instances, we hear of those that kill themselves in utter despair, thinking that life was not worth living any longer.

To reiterate the point: we, as human beings, are not bereft of extricating ourselves from the “downs” of life when we can get back on our feet, and walk in the sun.


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