The Importance Of Health Over Wealth

Health and wealth belong in entirely two different categories, both of which are strangely interdependent. In many instances, a person’s health might possibly lapse into negligence for want of money and necessary care; on the other hand, money and care might not necessarily eliminate ill-health, though these might help reduce the severity of its effect on a person. There are those that are blessed with excellent health and seem unconcerned about wealth, as long as certain needs are met that might be sufficient to prevent any physical or mental deterioration, in the event of a sudden and unpredictable reversal. However, if I were to choose between health and wealth, I would pick on the former, as long as I continue to enjoy good health. Wealth might, in fact, bring about the possibility of stress that might affect a person’s health. Personal care might help maintain good health, whereas a state of opulence, generally dependent on monetary investments that are subject to fluctuations, such as the stock market, might adversely affect the health of a person, regardless of his or her material resources.

In a capitalistic society, wealth, in some respects, might contribute to people’s health, such as philanthropic contributions in the way of medical research and welfare, without which people’s health would suffer considerably. In certain third world societies, the gap between health and wealth is so pronounced that the two entities remain poles apart. The situation, in many instances, exists because of corruption on the part of wealthy officials that seem to be mostly concerned about their own self-interest and less about those who die, as a result of famine and disease.

While a wealthy person is able to live comfortably, there is no guarantee that money could preempt any catastrophic illness in the future. Of course, the same is true about a healthy person; yet, a person who is meticulous enough to maintain good health, could, indeed, continue to retain the status quo for as long as possible.

The importance of health supersedes that of wealth, depending on availability of needs. On the other hand, the assurance that wealth guarantees needs that might be easily met, does not include any exclusivity in so far as health is concerned. While the two entities belong in different compartments, accessibility into each other’s domain is by way of an open door.

The tendency to choose health instead of wealth is on the premise that good health stands by itself, while wealth does not rely entirely on its own potential to counter the effect of circumstances beyond its control.


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