Blatant Abuses Of Freedom

As we all know, freedom is not merely confined to the common citizenry of the United States, but is also enjoyed by entities in government, State and Federal. However, when one begins to consider the state of affairs in certain areas of government, one cannot help but notice that the equation of corruption seems to recently focus on the latter, based on reports promulgated through the media. It tends to get more and more apparent, perhaps, because of the permissiveness that a number of leaders enjoy and
exploit. Let alone the prisons that might give one the impression that those imprisoned
might prove me wrong, to which I can state without any doubt, that not all prisoners are incarcerated because of crimes of corruption. One might estimate that ninety-nine percent of those in prisons are there for murder or other misdemeanors that may not fall in the category of corruption, but consequences of violations and prosecutions, some of which may not be serious enough to warrant sentences of incarceration.

What might be blatantly demonstrative are corruptions and failures on the part of a number of police officers that seemed to have gotten away for an extended period of time, mostly for the reason that these might not have been reported, until discovered by
way of a long-drawn investigation, confirming the adage that “crime of any shade or color does not pay.”

In many instances, there are certain misdemeanors committed that are classified as being
unpremeditated and unprovoked, but there are those that have been proven to be premeditated and provoked, in which case, there are those in government that know exactly what they may be doing in the way of corruption.


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