What We Can Do For Our Body

There is no escaping the fact that we ought to discipline our palate by adhering to a diet that can help reduce high cholesterol and high blood pressure as follows:

1) Eat fruits and vegetables, reduce the intake of sodium, begin walking, add beans to salad, and include oatmeal for breakfast.

2) Replace white bread with whole wheat bread that is loaded with fiber.

3) Abstain from foods, such as refined white flour, hydrogenated fats and excessive sugar. Start strategizing by eating fresh veggies, soy foods, fresh fruits, nuts, lean beef, chicken and fish.

4) Start exercising routinely and seriously.

5) Abstain from eating a lot of cakes and pieces of chocolates that do not contribute to our good health.

6) Begin walking more often in order to keep us within an acceptable body weight.

The temptation to please our palate with foods that might keep us on the dark side of life can do us a great deal of harm. We should think of life as a piece of land that needs to be cultivated by fertilizing its soil in order to yield the good crops that it can yield. Similarly, our body should likewise be cultivated to allow our organs to function normally and let it work without any interruption.


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