Adjustment To Changing Circumstrances

Adjustment to changing circumstances serves as the switch that turns on the continuity of life on earth. If we resign to the weakness of our mind and body as we keep aging, we might ultimately reach the point of no return, as far as our health and welfare are concerned. There is no denying the fact that the constancy of circumstances erodes as we grow older, regardless of how we try to balance our progress through life on the right track toward goals that we plan as we advance age-wise in order to survive the rigidity of changing circumstances preordained at birth, thus necessitating the reality of adjusting to life’s ups and downs.

Providentially, humans, unlike other creatures on earth are equipped with an inborn power to try and overcome the ongoing pressures of life from time to time, by way of adjustment to circumstances to which any kind of resignation can debilitate the mind and body. There are those that seem to be prone to resignation and there are those that refuse to submit to conditions that do not conform to changes that occur, as time goes by.

The exercise of willpower can keep us well-balanced, unless the onset of deadly disease
and suffering stand in its way; however, we should not readily surrender to hopelessness, as long as we try to help ourselves by thinking positively, even when confronted by immovable obstacles that cause us to feed our pessimism.

In conclusion, the need to understand the importance of adjusting to changing circumstances can help us survive, even when it seems impossible to do so.


One thought on “Adjustment To Changing Circumstrances

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