A Status Quo Of Stagnation

It is hurtful enough when we hear of famines in certain parts of Africa, but absolutely disgusting when those in charge might be indirectly causing the pain and suffering. There is also a recent report by a major World Bank Group about a continuing stultified growth in certain developing countries that have been particularly engaged in trying to reinforce their economy, projected to remain below five percent.

It is a trend that does not bode well at all for those wallowing in misery, consequently negating any prospect of improvement that can help those in dire need. However, there are some developing countries that have managed to escape poverty after decades of trial and error in areas where certain untapped resources have been generated to yield success

There is no doubt that some aspects of the economic stagnation may be attributed to greed and corruption on the part of those in charge, or perhaps the lack of effort on their part to invest more in the way of reforms domestically, such as health, education and infrastructure, all of which can contribute a great deal toward the amelioration of circumstances in many areas of governments that seem to benefit those that seem to prosper at the expense of those in poverty.

To add to the misery, there is presently an epidemic of ebola in some countries of Africa that is making it all the more problematic, caused by unhealthy surroundings, and conditions that promote disease, adding to the misery and suffering.

It seems that, as long as there remains the stigma of corruption on the part of those that are in charge, the state of affairs in that part of the world where poverty seems to be permanently rooted, are doomed to linger in the limbo of dire consequences.


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