Scorn not the color of skin;
Dark are souls that do —
Blemished, inconsequential–
God could only renew;
For He is not of any color —
His deliberate, glorious plan
Has so well unraveled
His classic image of man!
If he were to make a revision
Of His own creation in sight,
He would choose a similar premise:
Indeed, all things being right!
The brown skin and the yellow,
The black skin and the white,
All colors dull and gloomy,
And those appearing bright,
All colors of Creation being
Reflections of the Light
Of God upon His human beings —
Black, yellow, brown and white.


Awesome! And thanks for connecting. Incidentally, as you might be aware, I am a novelist, with three novels to my credit, titled, ALL ABOUT BRIAN, THE LION AND THE SUN, BETTER LAZTE THAN NEVER. Please join my network and keep up the good work.

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