The Tufted, Lion-Tailed Macaque

There may be a lot of those that never ever heard of the existence of macaques that are lion tailed, inhabiting a mountain range in India, known as the Western Ghats. They are characteristically furtive and might be on the verge of extinction, considering there are only between 3,500 and 4,000 of the species, although it is not known if the specified number is greater or fewer than previously. Further studies, particularly in the way of closer observation, is necessary to conclusively confirm the belief that they should actually be considered as gradually heading toward their disappearance because of the continuing encroachment of humans engaged in the commercial aspects of logging, one of which being road-building.

The lion-tailed macaque is glossy black and agile, its main diet being jackfruit. Its diminutive size does not prevent it from adeptly balancing the large fruit with its forelimbs, although the fruit weighs a hundred pounds. They usually congregate in groups of about fifteen individuals, controlled by a dominant male.

It is quite likely that the building of roads around their habitat might sooner or later cause the total disappearance of the species, considering that it has adversely affected their lifestyle, forcing them to beg for snacks from tourists, because of logging and the absence of trees on which they depend for their livelihood. .


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