Lapses in Board & Care Facilities, In Spite of Doctors’ Prescriptions

What seems rather extraordinary is the most recent discovery, uncovering unintended abuse by nursing homes and board and care facilities, one of which being the administering of certain prescription drugs, such as anti-psychotics to elderly patients and residents with problems that seem to be misdiagnosed. It has been reported by the AARP that there are lawsuits still pending and those that have been concluded in settlements.

Incidents of severe side effects caused by the intake of anti-psychotic medications as well as medications meant to counteract the side effects have been reported, as a result of which the elderly patients and residents keep experiencing ongoing confusion and memory loss over a period of time. What seems highly irregular is the fact that family members are not being notified, except the doctors that prescribe the drugs. According to the AARP, such a practice might be attributed to inadequate training and under-staffing of individual caregivers, as well as the eagerness on the part of some pharmaceutical companies to market their products. Over and above such common unintended abuse is the uncovering of healthcare fraud, amounting to billions of dollars, emanating from kickbacks to doctors.

One of the common antipsychotic drugs is Zyprexa, administered to older people in some of the board and care facilities and nursing homes. It is not uncommon for elderly patients and residents to experience problems, such as dementia that does not have to be treated with harsh anti-psychotics. There are those that have disturbances while sleeping or while they are awake, for which they ought to be helped in other ways, other than trying to allay their problems with severe anti-psychotics.


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