Never Mind

I never mind the lost hours,
Nor the changing of life’s seasons;
Only the ticking of the old clock
Badgering my mind with reasons.

I never mind the fixation
Of the eyes of Time on age;
Only the perch of inertia
As of a bird in a cage.

Winds of change keep blowing;
Sometimes raging blind,
All these I may circumvent
And frankly never mind.

Until the snow starts piling
With maybe frosts of pain;
In spite of which I may be up
And doing again and again.


Awesome! And thanks for connecting. Incidentally, as you might be aware, I am a novelist, with three novels to my credit, titled, ALL ABOUT BRIAN, THE LION AND THE SUN, BETTER LAZTE THAN NEVER. Please join my network and keep up the good work.

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